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Welcome to Under Par Rock!
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Group Shot

December 16: hey guys.. we had our show and it was one of our worst performances ever. Three of us have decided to throw in the towell, so there will be no more under par. I wish the best to all of those other three guys and maybe something will come out of what we had.. also if your gonna talk shit about us on our guestbook, your just a pussy ass faggot.. say it to our faces! anyway, its over. there wont be any more shows or random updates of the site, we'll be keeping the site up and you can look at our past memories, all the good ones, and the bad ones.. Thank you for everyone who has supported us and told us good things. Also everyone that even comes to our show and listened to us.. THANK YOU!!  right about now is when i say until next time, but there wont be a next time.. so.. thanx for everything..

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